Saturday, 10 of June of 2023

Mouse Phenotyping

The Tufts Comparative Pathology service can provide the following services to assist you in determining the phenotype of a genetically engineered mouse.


  • Complete phenotype pathology screen (first tier evaluation)
  • Second tier in depth evaluation of organ systems found to be abnormal in screens
  • Limited phenotyping screening of one or more organs or organ systems.
  • Knowledge of lesions common in the background strain and significance to your model
  • Phenotyping plan design
  • Necropsy, tissue collection, and documentation of gross changes
  • Optimal tissue trimming, slide production, and histologic examination of tissues
  • Training in phenotype evaluation of particular organ systems
  • References for general anatomy, microanatomy, and pathology assessment most applicable to your project


Many excellent references are available that describe the basic pathology phenotyping process for mice.

Please contact Lauren Richey to initiate a phenotyping project consultation.