Research pathology

The Tufts Comparative Pathology Services provides Tufts University, Tufts Medical Center, and external researchers with expertise not only in pathology but in animal anatomy, physiology, and comparative medicine.

Please consult with our pathologist, Lauren Richey, if you could use:

  • project consultation during study design
  • assistance with selection of an animal model
  • information on known limitations of the chosen model
  • help determining experimental timepoints or endpoints based on knowledge of pathophysiology
  • assistance developing methods to address your specific pathology objectives
  • a review of the normal histology of the organs you study
  • a literature review of the pathology you might expect to find in your study
  • evaluation of need for special stains or immunohistochemical stains to address your pathology objectives
  • a first look through a double-headed microscope with a veterinary pathology to see if the pathology you expect to find is there
  • development of a scoring system appropriate for your individual study
  • consise morphologic diagnoses using standardized nomenclature
  • training in lesion assessment
  • help recognizing incidental or background lesions that are not related to your experimental factors
  • photomicrographs or gross photos
  • comparison of the findings in your model to human disease

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