Fee Schedule

The Tufts Animal Histology Core works with you from the start to finish of your project to optimize the quality of your finished slides, reduce your histology costs, and help you become more informed about the histology process so that you know all of the options available to you.

Download the current fee schedule. Tufts-CMS-Animal-Histology-Core-fee-schedule-FY2024


Budget planning

The Tufts Animal Histology Core (AHC) staff is pleased to provide you with a written estimate for histology services for grant application budgets. Please contact us at TuftsCMS-histocore@tufts.edu with at least 5 business days notice with general information on your histology needs. Information that will assist us in giving you a complete cost estimate includes 1) species; 2) total number of animals over the course of the project; 3) all tissues that will be collected from each animal; 4) stains needed (H&E, special stains, IHC stains); 5) any extra or unstained slides that may be requested; 6) need for levels or serial sections through a tissue; and 7) how many slides you expect you will need made for each block of tissue.

We often can identify ways to reduce histology costs by combining certain tissues into one cassette or by placing multiple levels on one slide. We may recognize a situation in which additional slides may be needed to accomplish your research goals. Contacting us for project budgeting will give us the opportunity to make cost reduction recommendations.

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