Another Perfect Smoothie, but To-go!

Last blog, I wrote about the Vitamix blender and all its amazing features. It is minimal and easy to understand buttons and perfect blending abilities make it great. However, the Vitamix blender caters to large serving sizes. In this blog, I am going to analyze the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender. This blender is especially made to blend a smoothie for one person.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

This blender is perfect for people on the go. This blender is very helpful for when you need a to make something to eat quickly or are running late. The blender only has one button which is the power button. This makes it extremely easy to just make a smoothie without any thinking. When you are in a rush or tired in the morning, the last thing you want to worry about is having to keep an eye on your smoothie and worrying about the setting the blender is on. These minor details are not something that you worry about when in a rush, you just want a smoothie.  Another helpful feature that this blender presents is that it is also functional as a cup. The blending jar can be detached from the blender and it becomes a travel cup. It even includes a drinking hole with a cover. Also, it is easy to tell how to remove the cup. There are two images: one of a lock and one of a unlocked lock. The user can easily tell where to twist the cup in order to remove it with the simple image cues. The removable cup saves time and dishes because you do not have to transfer the smoothie into another cup. This blender causes very little mess, too, because there isn’t much transferring of the smoothie and it is all in one container.

On the other hand, this blender had a very specific audience in mind, which makes it have some faults. Since it only has one button, this does not give the user much flexibility in what they can blend. The user has to be very aware of how much of each ingredient they put in and what type of ingredients they put in. Also, the single-serving feature makes it impractical for families or couples who all want a smoothie at one time.

Both the Vitamix and the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender were made for specific purposes. The Vitamix is just meant to be a well-designed blender that is easy for users to understand and makes good smoothies; they only make the traditional large blender smoothie serving. The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender was meant for individuals who need a quick smoothie. They made sure it was simple so people could make smoothies fast, the focus was not on having different blending options and larger servings. Both of these designs focused on a certain audience and therefore altered their product to fit the need of that user. This is an important quality of human factors: making the product specifically for the people using it.


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3 thoughts on “Another Perfect Smoothie, but To-go!

  1. Interesting post. I agree with your reservations about this type of blender: I agree that the sole button is limiting an designed for a very specific consumer. Another thing to think about is that if you’re using the blender body as a cup as well, it’s more likely that you can lose the cup and thus lose the blender entirely.

  2. I enjoyed this post, and the overall theme of your blog, especially because you find specific examples and give your opinion on them. This is helpful for someone who is always looking for good kitchen appliances such as myself! I would have appreciated some more detail but this post was very interesting!

  3. I think that this blender is practical but not all that useful. The utility of this blender is rather novel and it does not allow a lot of adaption. However, the design principles of a single button and the easy lock signifiers are smart and should probably be carried over to other blender designs.

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