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Chipotle, Blaze and Subway are just a few restaurants that have taken on the “assembly line” approach to dining. This style of restaurant has made a huge difference in the fast food industry. These places are now booming with business with this way of serving food. There was a lot of human factors that is involved in this style of dining and why people are so intrigued by it.

Blaze’s “assembly line”

This style of serving customers allows for very fast serving. There is no more need to order and make food separately. Now it is all one process allowing time to be saved from passing on the order to the chef. Now, the person taking your order is also making your meal. This elimination of communication now allows for less mistakes to be made when making food. Since the person ordering is directly talking to the maker of the food and seeing what they’re doing, they can let the worker know if they’ve made a mistake and can even stop a worker from making a mistake before they do it. For example, if a worker at Chipotle mishears if someone wanted cheese or not, they may start to grab to put cheese on even if a person said they did not want it. Though, the person ordering will see this happen and most times will notice and warn the worker that they didn’t want cheese. This causes less incorrect orders to be made and therefore saves food from being wasted and more happy costumers. Also, this style of serving allows for people to have exactly what they want in a dish. Rather than having to ask for special accommodations in their order, they can directly choose what they want. This whole process takes minutes, making these restaurants ideal for people in a rush and on the go.

Time is also maximized through the minimization of movement and the small amount of tasks each worker has to do. Since each worker will be in charge of one part of the meal-making, they become experts at it and become very fast at it. Also, they don’t have to move much which saves time as well. Also, since the worker doesn’t have to worry about as many factors, the amount of mistakes they could make is minimized. These benefits cause for perfectly made food.

Chipotle worker in charge of one section of “assembly line”


When coming up with this idea, there was definitely human factors involved. The “assembly line” style of restaurant improves the dining experience for the people eating and it improves the work environment as well. People are getting faster service, exactly what they want and less mistakes in their orders. Workers now have to deal with less upset diners because they will almost always get exactly what they want. The “assembly line” line style of dining is a perfect example of how human factors was used in a new idea that is revolutionizing the restaurant industry.


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  1. I never realized how “assembly lines” can reduce the risk of errors, but thats definitely true, and an example of good human factors design! This type of interaction between the worker and the customer makes the ordering process easier and quicker.

  2. I really like how you apply human factors theory to human systems. I think it is really evident that ergonomic design plays a role in these types of restaurants and I think it works really well. I wonder if any of this theory can be applied to other types of restaurants.

  3. This is a very interesting way of viewing the fast-food preparation process. I like how you have applied human factors to such an everyday aspect of many peoples lives. I think the point you made about the person taking your order is the one making your meal was very interesting, and something I had not considered. I definitely agree that the elimination of communication can make the whole system more efficient with less probability for error.

  4. I found this blog really interesting because I am a fan of some of the restaurants you mentioned. I have always like how fast the service is. These places are perfect when I’m in a rush or need to take food to go. On another note, I read a Wall Street Journal article that talked about how this type of food service has been extremely popular and lucrative in the restaurant industry.

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