Holy Guacamole!

Everyone knows what a potato masher is. But, another popular mashed food is avocados. However, most people don’t own an avocado masher and not many avocado mashers are even available on the market. In aspects of human factors, I immediately wondered why this wouldn’t be a more popular product, especially with dishes such as avocado toast becoming so popular these past years. However, with more research I realized this was the classic situation of “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”.

Avocado Masher

Most people mash an avocado with a fork or with a potato masher. Even when Chipotle released their famous guacamole recipe, they recommend mashing the avocado with one of those two options, an avocado masher is never mentioned. The reason why I feel the avocado masher hasn’t become popular is because of the fork and potato masher. When enjoying avocados people either like it “chunky” or “creamy”. The fork gives a chunky texture because when it mashes the avocado it isn’t strong enough or have thin enough tongs to mash the avocado more finely. This chunky style of mashed avocados is perfect for avocado toast. Many cafes even use a fork to mash avocados for their avocado toast because they realize it gives the perfect consistency. The potato masher is also a viable option for mashing avocados, however, the potato masher makes a creamier consistency which would be good for guacamole. Potato mashers also are very similar to the avocado mashers on the market.

The invention of the avocado masher relates to human factors because it shows when designs are necessary and helpful for people. Regular avocado mashers are not popular since there are easier, cheaper options that many opt for. However, many avocado products that are popular involve removing the pit and cutting the avocado open in the first place. This is an issue that actually affects people and I know a common injury is people cutting themselves while cutting an avocado. The pit in the middle makes it very difficult to open and therefore a product for this is helpful. Knowing what problems users actually need improvement with is an important part of human factors especially when trying to advertise why users should want a product.

Avocado pit remover with many functions


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  1. You bring up some great things in this post about the usefulness vs the demand of a product. Although an avocado masher sounds like a useful tool, people don’t to spend more money on a tool to just cause more clutter in their kitchen. I wonder what the threshold is regarding how brilliant or useful a product has to be to take off and make a profit? Overall, great post.

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