Seamless: No More Calling Restaurants

Seamless is taking over the takeout industry. Seamless is a website that allows you to order food from restaurants in your area without having to call. The benefits of this website are tremendous. No more having to deal with miscommunication, saying your credit card number three times, and it is so much faster than ordering on the phone. Seamless allows you to access hundreds of restaurants in your area and order on your own terms. The entire menu is available on their website and it allows you to customize your order to your liking.


When talking on the phone with a restaurant it is so easy for there to be annoyances. When ordering, the worker may not understand what you’re saying or your phone isn’t loud enough. This leads to many mistakes in the ordering process. Also, for tasks such as giving your credit card number, Seamless makes this much easier. Your credit card and address is automatically saved to your Seamless account. This makes it easier for restaurants to have your correct information so they don’t have to call back if they have the wrong credit card number or the delivery man call because he can’t find your home.

The ease of ordering exactly what you want is what also adds to Seamless’s appeal. People usually do not want to seem difficult in explaining exactly what they want. This leads to people timidly trying to explain to a restaurant worker on the phone how they would like their dish or maybe them not even saying it at all, therefore unsatisfied with their final meal. Seamless allows people to add notes and customize their meal to exactly how they would like without the difficulty of having to portray what they want over the phone. Also, since they don’t have to deal with any explaining or miscommunication, it makes the ordering process a lot easier. Specifically, Seamless saves your previous orders and the exact comments you made on how you like your dish so you can easily reorder. This shortcut saves a lot of time especially since people quite often eat the same food from the same restaurants.

Seamless order confirmation. Shows specific orders and customization, as well as saved credit card and address.

Seamless made this website with users in mind. It simplifies the task of ordering and makes people more comfortable and satisfied with their meals. Seamless takes away all the bad parts about ordering and just lets people focus on good food.

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