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Sources for Audio Books

Monday, April 27th, 2009

One question I get routinely and frequently toward the end of a semester is what the library offers in the way of audiobooks. We have about 500 titles here, but I’m also happy to recommend outside websites I’ve found to be good for this sort of thing.

Tisch Library’s Media Center has an assortment of audio books and recordings which might be of interest. Complete list of spoken word titles, in alphabetical order. About 500 titles.

Librivox provides volunteer recordings (often of very high quality) of works in the public domain. For practical purposes this means “published prior to 1923”. This can be very good for classic works like Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War (to which your author contributed a couple of chapters), or Shakespeare’s plays and poetry, or most of Dickens’ novels, or several versions of Jane Austen’s major works. Search the Librivox catalog. About 2000 titles.

The Internet Archive’s audio archive contains a random and wonderful assortment of music, audiobooks and poetry, old time radio shows, Grateful Dead recordings, recorded sermons and religious teaching, even a few recordings from wax cylinders and 78s, and a variety of ancient and modern philosophical works and lectures. Thousands and thousands of titles.