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Cleopatra's Pylon and Google's Greek

December 18th, 2009 by Chris Strauber

(Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

According to the Associated Press, Egyptian archaeologists have excavated a huge pylon thought to be from the entrance of the Temple of Isis in Alexandria. Actually, dredged would probably be a better word, as much of the ancient city is now beneath the harbor of the modern city. The temple was part of the palace complex of Cleopatra.
More from Tisch on underwater archaeology.

Google Transliteration
Google Labs has a tool, Google Transliteration, to make it easier to write in non-Roman alphabets online and using several of its services. You can type what the word sounds like in English and have it automatically transliterated into Unicode versions of Greek (alas, modern only), Sanskrit, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Russian, and about a dozen other languages. You can also install a version for Windows on your machine. Early experiments are πάντα καλά.

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