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BBC Shakespeare Online

May 12th, 2010 by Chris Strauber

Tisch recently added a streaming video collection of Shakespeare’s plays as produced by the BBC in the late 70’s and early 80’s. You can find them in the library catalog under the title of the play or as a group under BBC Shakespeare Plays.

They are available 24/7 from anywhere, although the usual rules for off-campus access apply–you need to add a URL prefix to make sure you’ll be asked to log in if you’re off campus. You can link to each of the plays act by act. So, for example, here’s Julius Caesar, Act III (et tu, Jumbo?).

What To Do

2. Get the proxy prefix:

2. Grab the URL from the bottom of the viewing window. In this case, if you take the URL from the usual place URLs live and add the proxy prefix it will work. Frequently, with other resources, this is not the case and you’ll have to look for a permanent or durable or stable URL (see below).


3. Paste step 2 onto the end of step 1 with no spaces, and copy that into your email or Blackboard:

This is the basic procedure you’d use to send a link from any of our electronic resources to a colleague or to post to your Blackboard site. Unfortunately, the directions for each of our electronic sources are slightly different. Here’s a complete list of how to get a usable URL.

What’s Going On or, Why The Extra Step?

The first part of the URL sends the request for the website through a library computer which checks to see if the person making the request is on campus. If so, it lets him/her through. If not, it asks her/him to log in. That way we can keep the publishers happy and still provide relatively easy access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

If you have questions about how to do this, or trouble linking to electronic resources generally, let me know. I am officially the guy to ask.

(Chris Strauber)

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