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Paul Theroux Says You Have No Excuse

May 11th, 2010 by Chris Strauber

From an interview with Paul Theroux in The Atlantic:

TA: Does the migration to e-readers increase access to good stories or diminish it?

PT: Greatly increases access. I could not be more approving. But free libraries are full of books that no one reads.

via Fiction in the Age of E-Books – Magazine – The Atlantic.

Theroux comments that literature has always been an interest of a “tiny minority of people, even in the most literate societies”. Which I more or less agree with, although I’m happy to provide excuses to increase the numbers.

We have about thirty of Theroux’s works at Tisch, most travel-themed. For more on travel literature (one of my favorite genres), try the Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing or (one of many) the Encyclopedia of Women’s Travel and Exploration.

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