Course Resources by Speaker

Speaker 1: Aaron Ebner – Executive Director, Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development

Speaker 2: Rebecca Hollender – Postdoctoral Researcher, The New School

Speaker 3:  Katlin Morris  – Researcher, University of Vermont

Speaker 4: Carla Martin – Executive Director of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute, Harvard Lecturer in African and African American Studies

Speaker 5: Charlotte DuFour – Nutrition, Food Security, and Livelihoods Officer, Economic and Social Development Division Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Speaker 6: Tawanda Muzhingi – International Center of the Potato

Speaker 7: Neil Miller

Speaker 8: Panel Discussion: Native American Food Systems (Tracy Raymond, Connie Falk, Grant Curry, Emily Piltch)

Speaker 9: Marcella Olivera

Speaker 10: Tim Wise- Director, Research and Policy Program, Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University

Speaker 11: Tim Griffin – Agriculture Extension (Readings provided by John Preissing, the original speaker on the same topic who cancelled)