Who Is Practicing Social Distancing Best?: Bhaskar Chakravorti on NBC Boston

Bhaskar Chakravorti was interviewed by NBC Boston to share insights from the latest Digital Planet research on COVID-19. In the interview, Chakravorti discusses which U.S. states are practicing social distancing best and which are falling behind.

The top three states who practice social distancing the most are New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. All three of these states have high rate of infections, mortality rates, and also are home to more urban areas. According to Chakravorti, those living in these states tend to respond more promptly because they witness its devastating impacts first hand.

On the other hand, states who are lagging behind are major players in the meatpacking industry. To promote social distancing and help flatten the curve of the pandemic, Chakravorti stresses the importance of leadership at both national and local levels.

Watch Bhaskar Chakravorti’s interview with NBC Boston here.