Showing this weekend at Balch Arena Theater, a haunting depiction of trauma and its aftermath, Joyce Van Dyke’s Daybreak is based on the true story of two survivors of the Armenian Genocide: one of them, the playwright’s maternal grandmother; the other, a woman with strong ties to Massachusetts and to Tufts. As shards of the past intersect with scenes in the present and prescient glimpses of the future, the play offers the possibility of reconciliation and healing. Without minimizing the pain of those who endured the events of 1915 and beyond, Daybreak’s focus is on courage, resilience, transformation, and the universality of hope. (Daybreak originally appeared under the title Deported/A Dream Play, produced by Boston Playwrights’ Theatre in association with Suffolk University and directed by Judy Braha.)

Directed by Tufts Professor of Drama and IMAGe Steering Committee member, Barbara Wallace Grossman.

You can see “Daybreak” this weekend, November 5 – 7, at 8 p.m. in Balch Arena Theater. Tickets are $10 with a Tufts ID.

For more information and ticket sales, please visit the Tufts Department of Drama and Dance website.