The goal of IMAGe is to advance understanding of prevention and recovery from mass violence, atrocities and genocide through an interdisciplinary, pan-university program of teaching, research and active citizenship.


  1. Promote, strengthen and disseminate path-breaking research to generate important academic and policy insights to understand, prevent and respond to mass violence, atrocities and genocide.
  2. Create a networked community of multidisciplinary and cross-institution faculty, staff and students engaged on these topics at Tufts.
  3. Prepare our students to be active agents and leaders for preventing and responding to mass violence, atrocities and genocide.

We have a vision of a world in which the increasingly rare occurrences of mass violence, atrocities and genocide become a horror of the past.  A world in which leaders, policy makers, and active citizens have the knowledge and tools they need to prevent and address mass violence, atrocities and genocide, and do so with alacrity, conviction and the highest ethical standards. We have a vision of Tufts University becoming a world leader in research, teaching, active citizenship and advocacy about the root causes and consequences of mass violence, atrocities and genocide, and in rigorously studying, understanding and refining approaches to address such violence and its effects.

We see Tufts faculty, researchers, and students developing a deep respect for, and understanding of, the lives of those who have suffered, coupled with humility for their own role in these processes and compassion to work alongside others to address human suffering.  We envision this as a transformational experience for all involved, an opportunity for innovative and impact-oriented research, teaching and active citizenship spanning all Schools.  We see IMAGe as a catalyst for our students, spurring them to embrace active citizenship and to address acts of inhumanity through evidence-driven, determined and empathic approaches.

We will actively encourage and recruit other institutions and bodies to join us, and we will co-host appropriate events with other Tufts institutions and schools.

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