This student leadership program includes Tufts undergraduates and Fletcher graduate students who are interested in issues related to mass violence, atrocities and genocide.  Designed to encourage in-depth reflection and dialogue, the group convenes regularly for discussions around particular IMAGe themes, current events and career opportunities, drawing upon the participation and expertise of Tufts interdisciplinary faculty.  As Fellows, students also gain access to private IMAGe events, external speakers, and cross-university programming.

IMAGe Fellows for the AY15-16 have now been selected.  If you are interested in being an AY16-17 IMAGe Fellow, look out for our call for applications next year or email us at

2015 – 2016

The fellows for AY 2015 – 2016 came to us both through faculty recommendations and application directly from students. This year’s fellows include: Saskia Brechenmacher, Michael Caster, David Cronin, Danielle Demers, Maša Đikanović, Andrew Dusek, Mallory Feldman, Ayla Francis, Jack Margolin, Tori Martin, Jameson Moore, Ameya Naik, Rachel Porter, Hannah Robinson, Abuzar Royesh, Kashpee Walid, and Shoshana Weiner.

The group discussions are led and facilitated by Jeff Clanon and Bret McEvoy.

2014 – 2015

The inaugural IMAGe Fellows group brought a great deal of diversity in gender, experience, areas of focus and background, and included students from Afghanistan, Colombia, Mauritius, Palestine and the US.

The first session focused on norms and aspirations for the group. The second session began the more substantive emphasis on themes relevant to IMAGe. In that second session, Professors Dyan Mazurana (Co-Chair of IMAGe, Fletcher, Feinstein) and Richard Shultz (Fletcher, Director of the International Security Studies Program) led a conversation on working with perpetrators of mass violence, including reflections on legal, ethical and practical considerations. The third meeting engaged with Fletcher PhD Candidates Ches Thurber and Ben Naimark-Rowse on non-violent civil resistance. The fourth discussion brought Rosalind Shaw (AS&E, Chair of Anthropology) and Cecile Aptel (Fletcher) to share their insights on the role of children in mass violence and transitional justice processes. The fifth meeting included Elizabeth Stites (Fletcher, Feinstein) and Amahl Bishara (AS&E, Anthropology) for a discussion on structural violence. The final meeting of the year brought together IMAGe Co-Director Rabbi Jeffrey Summit (AS&E, Ethnomusicology and Judaic Studies) and Alex de Waal (Fletcher, World Peace Foundation) for a discussion on activism.