We utilize minimalist but functional and supportive structures.  We hold to the principle of subsidiarity: never do higher up what you can effectively do lower down in structures.  We regularly review our structures and service provision, always seeking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Network Approach to Programing

To ensure longevity, breadth and depth, IMAGe is housed (with oversight and administrative responsibility) in one area of the university, overseen by a Steering Committee, and run in daily operations by an Executive Committee.  At present, IMAGe is headquartered at the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School, while the responsibility for implementing its various programs is shared among different institutions at Tufts.  Members from several of the participating institutions sit on the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee

IMAGe is overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of campus leaders and members of the institutions that implement its main activities.  The Steering Committee elects its leadership who serve for three-year terms.  The Executive Committee (Director and Associate Director) are part of the Steering Committee.

Executive Committee

Day-to-day direction of IMAGe falls to its Executive Committee.  The Committee consists of a part-time faculty Director and a full-time Associate Director.  The Director is elected by the Steering Committee to serve for five years.  The Steering Committee set the criteria for the Director, seeking to ensure breadth of knowledge of the research, graduate and undergraduate teaching and outreach agendas.  The Director hires and supervises the Associate Director and staff.