Through our original research and annual Inclusion Fora, the Institute for Business in the Global Context brings together experts from around the globe to discuss pressing issues in the fields of inclusive growth and sustainable and inclusive business. Join the conversation through our video library of in-depth interviews, dynamic speeches, and intimate conversations with luminaries such as Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Harvard economist and renowned author Ed Glaeser, former Mayor of Boston Tom Menino, and many more!


Inclusion, Inc. Forum: What is an Inclusive Business?

The Inclusive City Forum: What is an Inclusive City?

Inclusive Growth Through Innovation in Cities

The Inclusive City Forum: Promise of the City (w/ Ed Glaeser)

The Inclusive City Forum: Leading an Innovative City (w/ Tom Menino and Benjamin Barber)

Inclusion, Inc. Forum – Interview with Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

A Conversation with Ahmet Muhtar Kent, CEO, The Coca-Cola Company (Dr. Maurice S. Segal Lecture)