Inclusion, Inc. Forum

By 2030, the break-neck pace of economic growth currently underway across emerging and developing economies will have lifted millions out of poverty, and with them, a market opportunity of unprecedented scope. So-called “Inclusive Business” is an inevitability of the future business order. All successful businesses will be faced with the decision to engage this swell of newly consuming masses, adjust product suites and marketing strategies, and re-evaluate or create their role in this new world order.

We hope you enjoyed these discussions and more at the 2015 annual Inclusion Forum from the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC):

April 9-10, 2015
The Fletcher School @ Tufts University

Inclusion, Inc. drew upon IBGC’s ongoing research in Sustainable and Inclusive Business Activities (SIBA)focusing on key barriers and common issues to inclusive business at scale in emerging and developed markets. The conference explored the role of corporations in supporting more inclusive and sustainable business models. Key topics for discussion included the language of SIBA, measurement, and the role of catalytic individuals vs. mandates within corporations. Illustrative areas included:

  • Barriers to Scaling Inclusive Activities – and Potential Solutions
  • Human Capital & Innovation | Digital Inclusion
  • The Core Competency Trap
  • The Role of Public Policy | Building Effective Partnerships
  • Impact Measurement and Incentives
  • Sustainability | The Future of Consumer Goods & Agribusiness

Inclusion, Inc. brought together scholars, representatives from government, industry, and NGOs and students to engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, and problem-solve. Thank you for helping make this year’s forum a resounding success!

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