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Sackler Graduate Student Council Announcements



     President: Julia Yelick2
     Vice President: Christina McGuire2
     Treasurer: Cho Low2


     Biochem: Christina McGuire2
     CMDB: Kayla Gross1, Cho Low2, Julia Yelick2
     Genetics: Kevin Child2, Jaymes Farrell2
     Immunology: Frankie Velazquez2, Rebecca Silver1
     Molecular Microbiology: Ila Anand1, Stacie Clark1
     Neuroscience: Anna Nathanson1, Molly Hodul1
     PPET: Vaughn Youngblood1, Roaya Alqurashi1
     MD/PhD Liaisons: Ramesh Govindan1, Matt Zunich1

     Faculty Liaison: Michael Malamy
     Dean’s Office Liaison: Kathryn Lange

     1,2 denotes year on GSC



    • CMP Representative: The new merged Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology (CMDB) program is entering its second year with the Cell, Molecular, and Physiology (CMP) and Biochemistry (Biochem) no longer taking students. As such, due to the current program student populations, Biochem will retain one GSC representative while CMP will no longer have a designated representative; students in the CMP program will be contacted by the Biochem representative regarding GSC matters.
    • MD/PhD Liaison: Due to increased commitment to and enthusiasm for involvement in GSC, the MD/PhD program students will now be represented by two liaisons.
    • GSC Liaison Positions: As an alternative to having separate, assigned liaisons positions between GSC members and other Tufts organizations, these tasks have been delegated to the appropriately designated committee chairs and members (described below).

Committees: The GSC Bylaws were revised this year in order to restructure the council committees to better serve the Sackler student community’s needs. The reorganized committees are as follows:

    • Career Paths (Chair: Vaughn YoungbloodPPET; GSC: Roaya AlqurashiPPET, Ila AnandMMB, Kevin ChildsGENE): Organize the Career Paths Seminar series; recruit external speakers from a diverse set of professional environments to speak about their career experiences in areas other than biotechnology; work with the Dean’s office to recruit speakers and to help facilitate events, collaborate with the Post-doc Association (PDA) and Tufts Biotech Business Club (TBBC).
    • Newsletter (Chair: Kayla GrossCMDB; GSC: Molly HodulNRSC, Anna NathansonNRSC; Contributors: Ila AnandMMB, Jessica Davis-KnowltonCMDB, Jessica ElmanCMDB, Nafis HasanCMDB, Andrew HooperNRSC, Dan WongCMP): Write, edit, organize, and distribute an electronic newsletter at least bi-monthly; actively solicit newsletter contributions from SGSC members, students, and faculty; serve as a conduit of information from the SGSC to the Sackler student body.  Also serve as a liaison to the Sackler Library, via Laura Pavlech.
    • Outreach (Chair: Stacie ClarkeMMB; GSC: Ramesh GovindanNRSC/MSTP, Matt ZunichCMDB/MSTP): Organize volunteer and community service events for the Sackler community, as well as advertise opportunities for Sackler students outside of Tufts.
    • Social (Chair: Rebecca SilverIMM; GSC: Jaymes FarrellGENE, Cho LowCMDB, Frankie VelazquezIMM): Organize social events to promote GSC visibility within the student community.