Research Symposium is ON!

Be a Voyager on this Enterprise of education and Discovery…

My favorite part of any normal spring is getting to see all the ways that students celebrate the fruition of their work: research symposia, thesis defenses, the whole shebang. Every April offers the chance to dig in to new ideas and to see the ways that our fellow beautiful geniuses have been using their brains and hearts to make the world a bigger, smarter place.

Coronavirus or no, the tradition of Jumbo Geniuses will live on!

So: let’s take a week after exams wrap up (May 11-15) to share the results of all this year’s hard work! You can register here to present at the Symposium. We’ll be posting blog entries all week on different topics, and then the day of May 15 students will present lightning talks in panels, and we will have a virtual party at the end of the day! Details on these live events will follow. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at!

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