URSS Lightning Talk Schedule: May 15, 2020

Afternoon Sessions

Session: Welcome to 2020! (12PM to 1PM)  

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Elyssa Anneser The Effects of Anger on Environmental Engagement
Leanne Loo A Symptom of Pre-existing Social Conditions: Viral Racism(s)
Alexis Tatore Trump’s Rise in Republican Party through Tweets

Session: Communities and Expression (1PM to 2PM)  

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Aidan Demsky Dharma and Doctorates: ‘Study’, ‘Practice’, and ‘Quasi-Monasticism’?
Francesca Rubinson The Necessary Problem of Edith Stein
Kella Merlain-Moffatt I don’t know! I don’t know! Should I be Considered Latina? How Spanish and Non-Spanish speakers with Caribbean and Latin American Ancestry Relate to Latinx Identity
Cecelia Rosenman Making and Taking: Colonial Histories and Decolonial Possibilities in Photography

Session: Bodily Rhythms (2PM to 3PM)

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Jake Zaslav Noticing the Breath: Analyzing the Role of Breath in Music
Hawley Brown Design of Stapled Peptide Inhibitors of GABARAP to Inhibit Autophagy

Evening Sessions

Session: Building a Better World (3PM to 4PM)

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Emily Kibbe Masculinity, Femininity, & Environmental Action
Rachel Klein The Hidden Conflict: An Exploration of Intra-Jewish Tension in Israeli Society Through the Lens of Environmental Peacebuilding
Leslie Spencer Understanding resource allocation in coffee (Coffea arabica): Applying ecological theory to an agricultural system

Session: Deciphering Social Struggles (4PM to 5PM)

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Jack Ohringer The Impact of Psychosocial Stress on Obesity in Low-Income Communities in the United States
Betty Cao Paid Family Leave Reinvestigated: How Has the First Paid Family Leave in the US Changed Women’s Life?
Ilana Goldberg For My Studies, I Wouldn’t Say No: Higher Education for Syrian Refugees in Jordan


How it works:

Each panelist will present their work. Once all panelists have presented, we will have time for questions and discussion.

Questions? Email Anne Moore (anne.moore@tufts.edu)

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