World History and Development

It’s all about perspective…

As the world changes around us, so must our approaches to global problems. These researchers consider the impact of geopolitical changes on lived experience, especially regarding human security. With this knowledge, we can make better policy decisions, offer aid more effectively, and help preserve life.

In his talk “Challenges to Indian Security in the New Decade,” Akash Mishra considers the changing security of concerns for India from an Indian perspective, offering analysis and recommendations. He concludes that there are three main concerns for Indian security: its complex relationship with Pakistan, the threat of Chinese geopolitical incursion into the Indian Ocean, and its imbalanced defense supply chain.

In “Crisis in the Center: Mapping Ethnic Violence in Mali since 2012,” Katerina Kakkis uses GIS to track the locations of ethnic violence over the course of the violence in Mali since the Tuareg insurgency in order to determine how close to central resources the violence has occurred and how patterns have changed between the initial onset of violence and when it has increased over time.

Challenges to Indian Security in the New Decade

by Akash Mishra In the summer of 2019, the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership, in conjunction with the United States ...

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