Future Considerations of iOT Devices

We use several iOT devices throughout the day including our phones and computers. This device can be categorized as a piece of hardware that can send data from some internet connection. Even cars are iOT devices as it is collecting various forms of data from their users, and can connect to other iOT devices such as your phone. I always thought of iOT as a rapidly growing space in technology as it will make both consumers and cities smarter, but what are the limitations and vulnerabilities of these devices?

Even though these devices are growing to be very powerful, their vast capabilities could be employed for the wrong reasons. For instance, a nation could take control of all the thermostats of their enemy nation, and shut them down during the weapon. This could completely change the warfare landscape and exhibits that the idea of iOT can be dangerous in that the bandwidth of connection is pretty vast, and could be leveraged for the wrong reasons. With great power comes great responsibility, and these devices should not sacrifice security and protection for greater, faster connectivity. Although the idea of the objects that we interact with can learn more about us and create an ecosystem with other smart devices, it just gives attackers more opportunities to infiltrate our data. 

As iOT devices advance, it is vital to consider the cybersecurity implications and not prioritize convenience and efficiency. 

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