Hirsh Health Sciences Library

Around Tufts’ Boston campus this summer? Need a place to study, borrow a laptop, print, or ask a research question? Head over to the Hirsh Health Sciences Library, located at 145 Harrison Avenue, Boston, just off Kneeland Street in Chinatown.

With two floors of its own, plus a shared third floor complete with the Food 4 Thought Café, Hirsh has everything a health sciences student could need.

Interested in what else they may have to offer? Watch their video below, and learn more about their great resources:

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Hungry For a New Blog?

Linda Yung Post

‎Courtesy of Spoonhau5

Interested in taking a free, local culinary tour? How about an international one? Check out Linda Yung’s, A11, N13, blog, Spoonhau5, and discover her favorite (and not so favorite) eats around campus, the greater Boston area, New York City, and abroad.

Enjoy bringing the heat as much as you love eating things with it? Linda also posts delicious recipes, some of which she develops herself, and others that she has learned from family members or adapted from cookbooks and blogs to fit a healthier profile based on her studies at the Friedman School of Nutrition. Among her offerings: simple prosciutto and melon appetizers, red wine braised short ribs, and dirty blonde brownies.

As a busy student (she triple majored in International Relations, Biomedical Studies and Chinese), how did Linda get started on her blog? Linda gave me the scoop on Spoonhau5.

The blog developed in phases, she said, starting first as a platform where she could review restaurants she had visited and document her experience. Once she entered Friedman, Linda decided to add another dimension to Spoonhau5, and started incorporating nutritionally-informed blog posts. However, “[she] realized early on that [she] was much better at writing restaurant reviews, so now it’s mostly restaurant reviews.” Linda is contemplating adding food news and policy commentary into the mix though, so keep checking back.

And even though her fun and witty blog may be another a fun hobby, keeping a consistent blog isn’t easy – each post Linda publishes takes a few hours to create. But because she finds good food inspiring, it’s something she really enjoys doing. In fact, if you ever get the chance to dine with this food connoisseur, you’ll likely find her snapping pictures of all the dishes for future posts.

Linda also gave us the scoop on her favorite eats on and around campus. The results:

  • Tufts Dining Services‘ best dish is their butternut squash bisque, which she always gets when available.
  • When finding herself with a coveted free morning on the hill, she’ll run over to Magnificent Muffins and Bagels, where “they have the best breakfast sandwiches in the greater Boston area. A tomato, egg, and cheese on a scooped-out toasted spinach bagel with a medium iced coffee (and a chocolate chip muffin if you’re feeling wild) is all you need to get your day going.”

Is your stomach growling yet?


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Ethan Peritz’s Jumpstart Address

On May 7, Ethan Peritz, A13, delivered a speech at Jumpstart’s Scribbles to Novels, a fundraiser promoting the importance of literacy and and the power of written word. In his address, he details his three years of experience with Jumpstart, as well as the important lessons that he has learned by virtue of working with the educational nonprofit.

Jumpstart is the only national supplemental program that uses the power of community and adult-child relationships to help children from low-income neighborhoods learn the important language and literacy skills needed to succeed in both academics and the everyday. The Tufts chapter of Jumpstart is operated out of Tisch College, and works with preschool children in Somerville and Chinatown. Within the short three years Ethan worked with Jumpstart, he was able to bring the Tufts Jumpstart team back to Chinatown for the first time in ten years. What’s more is that he was so successful in redeveloping this expansion that Tufts will be bringing a new team there this coming fall.

Recounting his initial experience with the program, Ethan describes how his first student spat in his face when he asked him to discuss the book they were given to read. Unfazed, Ethan later discovered that his student suffered from PTSD due to the 2008 Haitian earthquake, and realized that he needed to figure out a way for the two to connect on a deeper level. The winning approach: beat-boxing.

Ethan recalls,  “I [first] entered Jumpstart because I was ‘good with kids.’ I stayed because I actually connected with one. I learned that the core of teaching is creating a context, a context for these kids to take responsibility for their own learning – from going from being children to being students. That’s what Jumpstart does, and that’s what I’m going to do my entire life.”

Check out Ethan’s speech in the video below:

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Tufts Hillel Visits Haiti

Swiftly following spring semester’s conclusion, fifteen Tufts students traveled to Haiti through a Tufts Hillel and American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) trip. During an eight day trip, students learned about and experienced the lasting effects wrought by the earthquake and hurricane that left Haiti devastated in 2010, as well health and education-related hurdles that have plagued the country’s development.

Detailing their visit on Tufts Hillel to Haiti, you can read about the students’ amazing efforts and experiences. They were not only able to get down and dirty, helping repair a damaged amphitheater built by the past Haitian president, Jean Aristide, but were also afforded the opportunity to teach English and play with local students, as well as meet with village leaders to discuss ways to further community development and citizens’ access to health care.

In between the learning and hard work, the group also got to visit Port-au-Prince, French-inspired art galleries, and take in the breath taking beauty of Haiti’s rural areas. One Tufts’ blogger writes,

“[We] were captivated by the natural beauty of this country, but were also saddened in a way that the lacking infrastructure and actual government support for tourism in Haiti has caused this native resource to be totally under appreciated by the majority of the world.”

Take a look at some pictures from the amazing trip below:

Haiti Group Picture

Photo Credit: Tufts Hillel to Haiti, http://www.jdcentwine.org/trips/tufts-haiti-2013


Photo Credit: Tufts Hillel to Haiti, http://www.jdcentwine.org/index.cfm?go=main.viewPost&PostID=923

Photo Credit: Tufts Hillel to Haiti, http://www.jdcentwine.org/trips/tufts-haiti-2013

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It’s Heating Up!

With summer weather arriving in Boston, we’ll soon get to experience jumping into a very warm car that has spent the day basking in the sun’s rays. But do you know just how much heat a car can soak up in a matter of minutes? The Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has released an informative graphic about how fast summer heat can cause a car’s interior temperature to spike, and how that may harm our  four-legged friends who may be inside.

Shockingly enough, the chart reveals that in a mere ten minutes the inside temperature of a car can spike almost 20 degrees! What does that mean for our furry friends? It may sometimes be safest if they stay home where it’s cooler instead of coming along for the ride.

Check out the chart and learn more about the dangers of heat:

Pet Heat GRaphic


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Jackson Jills 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1963, the Jackson Jills is Tufts’ oldest all-female a capella group.

In April, many former Jills returned to the Hill to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a reunion show. Jills through the generations proved their a cappella spirit still runs strong. Watch the video below to see the founding members of the Jackson Jills sing Sentimental Journey, originally sung by Doris Day.

You can also enjoy photos of the Jackson Jills reunion gathered by Tufts Alumni.

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TEDx Talk

Tufts alumnus Dr. Michael G. Luchs, E90, is an assistant professor at the College of William and Mary’s Mason School of Business. He recently gave a TEDx talk that focused on innovating higher education.

Like the TED events that inspired them, TEDx was created to promote “ideas worth spreading.” While TED events are global conferences, TEDx are smaller, local, independent TED-like events. TEDx features speakers, performers, and demonstrators who share their insights on a variety of topics to foster learning, create conversation, and inspire others.

Dr. Michael Luchs earned a BSE in mechanical engineering from Tufts in 1990. He then went on to earn an MS in marketing from the University of Texas at Austin, an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, and then his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008.

Check out the video of his TEDx talk below, where he explains how he designed a new course for his business school students that focuses on sustainability.

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Experiences from MSEM

Dan Catrope, E11, and Laura Bear, E13, are recent graduates from the Masters of Science in Engineering Management program through the Gordon Institute. The Gordon Institute’s MSEM program is designed as a part-time program for working engineers and technical professionals. It is aimed at instructing and creating leaders in technology-driven fields.

Dan and Laura recently talked about their experiences as students in the program and shared their thoughts on video. Laura even commented, “I think Tufts is the best decision that I’ve made, I’ve never learned so much in my life.”

Watch the video to learn more about Laura and Dan the Gordon Institute’s MSEM program:

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Tufts Tails

Tufts TailsWhen students apply for undergraduate admission, they are asked to write not only the essay for the Common Application, but also three short supplemental essays ranging in topic from “Why Tufts?” to “What Makes You Happy?”

A Tumblr entitled Tufts Tails is a space for Tufts 2017 Jumbos to upload pieces of their essays to share with other interested classmates and prospective students.  From rainbows and parakeets to photography and Disney, you’ll see just what these newest Jumbos have to say about their lives, Tufts, and their nerdy sides.

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“Thanks guys, I like you”

Laurie Rabin, Zara Fiskin, and Sara Adelsberg met for the first time even before their freshman years at Tufts officially started. Although there were a lot of students at a pre-Tufts meet-up in Central Park in May 2009, the three off them just seemed to hit it off.

After living together for their four years at Tufts, the graduating seniors got together to talk about their adventures and reflect on their friendship over the years. As they get ready for commencement, they realize, “The more we got to know each other, the closer we became.”

Check out their story:


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