Jumbos in Balance

The Balance Your Life blog is penned by Kate Sweeney (A’11), a Tufts graduate student at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Balance Your Life is a healthy lifestyle campaign from the Department of Health Education at Tufts, and seeks to “improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and improve overall wellbeing of undergrads at Tufts.” You can like the campaign on Facebook to get more updates.

In a recent entry, Sweeney writes:

During my four years at Tufts, I made both beneficial and poor health choices. For instance, I maintained a routine workout schedule for most of the school year by being on the varsity swim team and I ate vegetables almost every day (my mom taught me well). But, I also regularly ordered Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar® ice cream from Espressos and ate pretty poorly during times of stress (late-night pizza, soda, and snacks).

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