Timeflies in Vanity Fair

Timeflies, the hip-hop due comprised of Tufts grads Cal and Rob Resnick, was featured in Vanity Fair’s “VF Daily” blog on Aug. 26. Blogger David Foxley wrote:

The future is looking very bright for Cal and Rob “Rez” Resnick, the musical masterminds of electro-pop-hip-hop-rap group Timeflies… Now with more than 10,000 Facebook fans—and 100 more joining every day—Cal and Rez, both 22, have mastered the fine art of social media, using Twitter to generate and perpetuate hype among thousands of followers, who eagerly await the release of Timeflies’ first album, The Scotch Tape, early next month.

We previously blogged about Timeflies in January.

You can follow Timeflies on Facebook and Twitter.


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