Traveling the World While on the Phone

You never know where in the world Peter Levine might be when you’re on the phone with him. The director of The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) has an office in Tisch College on the Medford Campus, but he has recently found himself wandering the streets of faraway countries.

How? In an effort to not distract himself with email or other tasks during a call, he has turned to Google Streetview. He shares his recent discovery on his blog.

Activities that fill enough of my brain that I am not tempted by distractions like email. My latest habit is to zoom to some exotic place on the Google world map, open the Streetview function, and go walking or driving along.

The rest of his blog regularly features items on youth engagement and civic renewal.

CIRCLE and Peter Levine can be found on Twitter @CivicYouth, @PeterLevine and at

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