Roommate Love

In Tufts Admissions’ new video, undergrads discuss life in the dorms and talk about the friends they’ve met through the communal living experience at Tufts. “Roommate Love” doesn’t have to be just between roommates – the video highlights students with singles, who talk about how they’ve managed to still connect with the dorm community and the benefits of having a private space. Also demonstrated by the video is the fact that you don’t have to have similar interests, sleeping patterns, or friend groups to become great friends with your roommate. Overall, being in a dorm allows you to make long-lasting friendships and helps ease the transition into college life.

“Roommate love” is part of an Admissions series on Tufts residential life. You can head to their YouTube page to see “The Community” and “Dorm Myths Debunked” for more students’ perspectives on Tufts housing.

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