Beantown Beauties

Maia Majumder, E12, spends her days working at Tufts’ downtown campus, but she makes time to explore her passion for fashion on the side. Majumder, who graduated from Tufts as an engineer last May and will receive her MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics this spring, recently started “Beantown Beauties,” a blog covering fashion and style in the greater Boston area.

The idea for the blog is simple – Majumder photographs well-dressed Bostonians she encounters on the street, at work, in Starbucks, or wherever else she happens to be, and then shares the photos with her online followers. She says:

The idea is very simple. I ask beautifully dressed people I see on the street if I may quickly photograph them and their outfits for this blog. As most of us who dress beautifully tend to do so (at least partly) to make an impression on those around us, most say yes. (Plus, what a better way to make someone’s day than to note his or her excellence?)

She also provides links to affordable fashion sites and suggests some of her favorite local spots. Check out Beantown Beauties here, and get a glimpse into the fashionable side of Boston.

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