Sarabande’s Black Swan Step Team

Sarabande–a Tufts dance troupe specializing in ballet, jazz, and modern styles–performed its fall show, “A Night at the Barre,” on November 15 and 17. The show featured ten dances performed and choreographed by members of the group, as well as guest performances by a variety of other dance groups, including Tufts Dance Collective, Spirit of Color, and Tufts Tap Ensemble, among several others.

But when Tufts’ Blackout Step Team couldn’t perform at the show, ┬áSarabande showed the Tufts community that they’re more than a dance troupe focused on ballet, modern, and jazz. Yessenia Rivas, A14, along with two fellow Sarabande members, took the stage as “Black Swan Step Team” and added a special twist to the dance genre Blackout is so well known for. Check out this video:

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