A Trip on the ‘Bubs Time Machine

If we were to go back 30 years and find ourselves on the Tufts campus, we would definitely see many changes. Hairstyles, clothing, and even architecture would be radically different. Yet one important piece of Tufts would not be much different: The Beelzebubs.

As Tufts’s oldest all-male a cappella group, the ‘Bubs have maintained their incredible vocals, funky style, and commitment to their performance over time. And to prove it, here’s a video of the ‘Bubs performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 1983, the same year the song was released. It features soloist Martin Fernandi, A85, and was captured by Alan Drinan, A66, and posted on YouTube by Daniel Lichtenfeld, A84–all ‘Bubs alums. Check it out:

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