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The Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk

Founded in 1987, the Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk, or just TRUNK for short, is Tufts’ only children’s theater troupe. The members of TRUNK write, direct and create costumes for their original skits, songs and plays. They perform for children at daycare centers, hospitals and preschools up to five times a week. They are dedicated to showing kids that being grown-up does not mean always being serious and having no fun. Additionally, every show they perform contains different morals, from sharing and helping others to the importance of being creative. This year TRUNK is raising money for Birthday Wishses, a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts that provides birthday parties for homeless children.

Currently TRUNK is in the midst of preparing and performing their latest show, “Toco the Toucan’s Color Conundrum,” which tells the story of a toucan who is in charge of giving leaves their fall colors. After losing the colors right before he has to paint, he ends up going on a incredible adventure with his best friend who is a mouse.

For more information about what TRUNK does and its dedicated members, watch their video below:

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TCU Presidential Campaigns

Congratulations to Joe Thibodeau, A14, the newest elected Tufts Community President.This year’s election was a heated race between Thibodeau, Christie Maciejewski, A14, and Joe Donenfeld, A14. All three candidates really embraced social media as part of their campaign strategies with the inclusion of  various hashtags on Twitter such as: #christiefortufts, #letsdothis and #thibsgetstufts.

During the past weeks, the Tufts campus was transformed in to a sea of yellow (Thibodeau), purple (Maciejewski) and red (Donenfeld) flyers, posters, shirts and chalk drawings. All three candidates were backed by large groups of passionate undergrads who wanted to help elect the candidate they believed would be best for the position for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Two of the candidates even released videos about themselves and why they should be elected the next TCU President. Check them out:

Joe Thibodeau:

Jon Donenfeld:

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Tufts Bhangra at Pao Bhangra XII

Tufts Bhangra recently went to Pao Bhangra XII, Cornell University’s 12th annual Bhangra Exhibition. Pao Bhangra features renowned teams to share their love and passion for Bhangra.

At Pao Bhangra this year were Tufts Bhangra, Anakh E Gabroo, First Class Bhangra and Yale Jashan Bhangra. Pao Bhangra is the largest student-run show at Cornell as well as the largest Bhangra exhibition in all of North America – last year’s show had an audience of more than 2,600 people. The theme of this year’s event was The Bhangra Olympics.

The Tufts University Bhangra Team was founded in 2001. The group is comprised of energetic and talented student dancers who are dedicated to bringing the best of Bhangra to audiences at Tufts and elsewhere.

Watch the video below to see Tufts Bhangra’s great performance at the 2013 Pao Bhangra:

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2013 Tufts Alumni Senior Award Winners Reflections

The 2013 Tufts Alumni Senior Award winners recently reflected on their experiences at Tufts in a video released by the Tufts Alumni Association. The winners were chosen because they are individuals that each serve as an “example for their peers and all alumni by demonstrating service, loyalty, commitment, and leadership to Tufts and/or their community.”

In the video below, this year’s 12 winners reflect on their best memories of Tufts, from wearing Jumbo hats and joining Greek Life to the craziest places they found themselves at 2 am.

Congratulations to these amazing seniors and good luck with life beyond Tufts!

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Tufts Battle of the Bands 2013

On Sunday April 7, the Tufts University Concert Board held the annual Battle of the Bands to determine which student band would be opening for 5&A Dime, Yeasayer and Nelly at Spring Fling.

This year’s competitors were Waldo,  CheddaSK, Bad and Blue, Indian Twin and Jay Roth and judges included Jonah Ollman, Cooper Loughlin and Stevie Wolf. The Tufts Concert Board posted photos of the battle on their Facebook page.

So who was the winner of this year’s battle of the bands?!? Jay Roth, the indie rock solo project of Justin Roth, will be the 2013 Spring Fling opener! The band’s lineup includes Justin Roth A15, Vocals; Melissa Weikart A16, Vocals; Chris Penny A15, Guitar; Peter Stone A15, Guitar; Zach Sogard A16, Keys; Tyler Corey A14, Bass; and Jonathan Gilad A15, Drums.

Congratulations to Jay Roth and good luck at your Spring Fling Performance!



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Tufts Quidditch Fundraises for Nationals

Tufts Quidditch is fundraising in order to get to nationals. This year their traveling team placed fourth in the Northeast regionals in order to secure a point in the national championship. Tufts Quidditch took second place at the 2010 Quidditch World Cup and after a few difficult years are making a comeback!

They made a fundraising page on the site and have raised about half of their goal so far. In addition, they have been selling shirts in the campus center as another way to raise funds. The shirts, as you can see below, highlight the differences and similarities between  Hogwarts and Tufts.


Good luck to the Tufts Qudditch team in raising enough  funds to attend the national championship in Orlando, Florida! Bring back a trophy!

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Tufts’ Healthy Week

Last week was Tufts’ Healthy Week, brought to campus by Balance Your Life (BYL). BYL is a group dedicated to helping students eat well and encouraging students to be active.

BYL issued a challenge to the entire Tufts campus: Eat five servings of fruits and vegetable every day during Tufts Healthy Week. Eating five servings of fruits and veggies is what everyone should aim to do every day, but for many this can be difficult.

BYL turned this healthy week into an opportunity for people to publicize their healthy eating habits. By uploading pictures of meals that include at least two servings of fruits or vegetables to Facebook or Instagram, students were entered into a daily raffle.

Below, check out some of the delicious, healthy meals students have been eating and visit the Tufts’ Healthy Week Facebook event for more photos:

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Jumbo Jugglers Performance Night

The Tufts Jumbo Jugglers recently held a performance as a chance for the Tufts community to come see the amazing skills that these Jumbos refine every week. The group practices a variety of styles and techniques, including balls, contact staff, clubs, rings and devil sticks.

Their performance included guest acts by Vassar College’s Barefoot Monkeys, an acrobatic duo, and Cirque de Light, a local performing duo.

Watch the videos below for a taste of what Tufts’ juggler’s can do and click here for more videos:


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TUSM Match Day 2013

March 15 was “Match Day,” when fourth-year medical students from Tufts University School of Medicine gathered to learn where they will do their residency training following graduation. Nearly 200 doctors-in-training were in attendance, as well as their families, friends and the university community. Each was eager to receive the envelope which would contain the results of their match.

This year was the first time Tufts medical students were matched into a program called the “Maine Track” which is a partnership between Tufts University and Maine Medical Center for students interested in careers in rural areas.

Watch the video below to learn more about Match Day and see some of the excited students receive their matches.

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Why We Need An Easi-Scan Song

A group of Tufts University veterinary students entered the BCF Technology University Contest to win an Easi-Scan ultrasound system. To enter the contest, the students had to send in a group photo, article and video of why they deserve the system for their program. This group of Tufts students from the Student Livestock Organization  were chosen to be one of the final eight schools in the competition.

The Student Livestock Organization is a group dedicated to helping students gain experience working with various types of livestock. Among other activities, this past year they sponsored a poultry-handling lab on campus, a full day of hoof trimming at a local sheep farm, and an AI certification lab. They also organize several practical labs each year and monthly rounds with their ambulatory vets.

Watch their video below and vote for Tufts here.

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