September is “Pain Awareness Month”

Tufts University School of Medicine is observing September as “Pain Awareness Month.” This initiative is sponsored by PREP, or Pain Research, Education and Policy. Daniel B. Carr, Co-Founder and Director of PREP, aims to not only educate the community about those in pain, but to better practices when assisting those in painful conditions. Carr is an advocate for the newly released report by the Institute of Medicine, commenting that…

Acute, chronic and cancer-related pain are widely prevalent and exact a major economic and human burden in developed nations and even more so in resource-poor countries. Other common themes include lost opportunities for early intervention to control or prevent the transition from acute to chronic pain, the negative outcomes of undertreated pain, the importance of optimal pain control for patient-centered care, disparities in pain assessment and treatment experienced by minorities and other under-represented groups such as women or those at the extremes of age, and the need “to adopt a population-level prevention and management strategy” for pain

More information regarding pain awareness and PREP can be found here.

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The Tufts Third Day Gospel Choir 2011

In this video, members of the Tufts Third Day Gospel Choir practice for their 2011 annual spring show:

This clip of the actual performance features solos by Hyomi Carty (A’12) and Hui Lim (A’11):

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‘Balance Your Life’ Blog Suggests Smoothies for a Nutritional Summer Drink

Balance Your Life (BYL) is a healthy lifestyle campaign from the Department of Health Education at Tufts. Thanks to the Balance Your Life blog, managed by soon-to-be double jumbo, Kate Sweeney (A’05, N’11), Tufts students and beyond have access to ample information about the aspects of healthy living on a college campus.

Most recently, the advice has been regarding what you could replace your coffee or tea with as the weather gets warmer. For a more summer-inspired drink that is cool and refreshing, Sweeney recommends a chilled smoothie. A smoothie is not only easy and fast to make in the dorms, but it can be taken on-the-go, and can be made with healthful ingredients.

There are many different foods you can put into a smoothie, from carrots, to pineapple, to yogurt. Some of Sweeney’s favorite are those that also have nutritional benefits, like the chopped carrot and banana smoothie, full of fiber and anti-oxidants, or the peanut butter and chocolate smoothie, giving you mono- and poly-unsaturated fats. Head over to the BYL blog to find Sweeney’s favorite smoothie recipes.

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The Dirty River String Band at Tufts

The Dirty River String Band is an “all-Tufts” six-piece acoustic folk band. The group plays a mix of contemporary and 19th and 20th-century songs, and can be found rocking out around campus to tunes like “If the Sea was Whiskey” and “Early in the Morning.”

Here are some videos of the group at a recent show at the Crafts House:

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Chinese Student Association on Chinese Culture

Tufts’ Chinese Student Association (CSA) recently interviewed members from around the undergraduate campus about their impression of Chinese culture and made a YouTube video of the project. Their first question: “What comes to mind when you think of the Chinese New Year?” Here’s the video:

The CSA also discussed New Year celebrations amongst themselves and created a fun rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” with lyrics about the holiday:


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Tufts Bikes

Tufts Bikes seeks to provide free bike sharing for the Tufts Community. “Getting Tufts going on two wheels,” Tufts Bikes is in partnership with Tisch Library, Tufts Crafts Center, and Tufts Office of Sustainability. Additionally, Tufts Bikes has a blog where you can enjoy weekly featured bike videos, updates and pictures. A recent post reads:

A lot of people know about Tufts Bikes as the organization that is starting a bike share at Tufts. We are actually doing a whole lot more. We are working to create a whole bike culture at Tufts. Bike share, bike rides, and a bike shop!”


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Tufts Writer’s Showcase

Tufts Writer’s Showcase, produced by Pen, Paint & Pretzels’ (3Ps) Bare Bodkin Theatre Co., debuted last Tuesday. The production was directed by Tufts senior Harrison Stamell (A’11), and was essentially a staged compilation of student-written works of poetry and prose.

Here are some clips from the event:

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The Relay Innovation Engine

The Relay Innovation Engine, which identifies promising drug candidates from academic research institutions and early-stage biotechnology companies, is the brainchild of a Tufts University team of inventors (David Greenwald, Sackler; Brigham Hyde, M09; Rachel Lomasky, E05, E10) and a finalist for this year’s top 2011 Open Minds Video Competition award from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. The team is competing against more than a dozen other innovations from campuses around the world for the top prize.

Here’s the video entry that landed The Relay Innovation Engine a spot in the finals:

You can vote for The Relay Innovation Engine by selecting its video from the list of finalists and clicking “Submit.” The voting period ends today.

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The Spark of Revolt

Rami G. Khouri, a visiting scholar this month at Tufts’ Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, is the director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut. Khouri, an authority on Middle East politics, spoke to TuftsNow about the current state of affairs in Egypt. He explains:

These things happen on schedules that are difficult to predict, but in retrospect, they always follow a clear pattern. If you look at Tiananmen Square or South Africa or the Soviet Union, you see that the indignities and the humiliations that ordinary people suffer mount up and reach a point where people just simply snap and they fight back, knowing there’s a risk of death and imprisonment. They can’t take the humiliation anymore.

Think about Rosa Parks: why did she not move to the back of the bus that day? She had enough. In Tunisia, it was a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi. He was hit by a cop when he was trying to sell vegetables and fruits on his cart, and he had enough. He burned himself in protest, and that sparked the protests in Tunisia. The Egyptians, in turn, were inspired by the Tunisians.

Here is a recent clip of Khouri’s appearance on PBS NewsHour:


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Jumbo Love Connections

We asked, you answered. Here are some Jumbo tales of love to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day:

“In the fall of 1991, I had a band friend who convinced me (a violinist) to join Pep Band. He (a saxophone player) had a different band friend who did the same. Thanks to John McCann and his wonderful attitude of welcoming any and all to the amazing, eclectic, fun Pep Band, we’ve now been married almost 15 years and have three children.”

— Katie Radin Bonner

“We met doing a Torn Ticket production of ‘Pippin’ in 1981: I was a freshman and Neal was a sophomore. At our wedding, we danced our first dance to “If I Could Share my Life with You” from the show’s score. We’ve been married for 25 years now! When we took our 16 year old son to visit the campus in November, he expressed an interest in musical theater to our guide, who told him that Torn Ticket was planning on performing ‘Pippin’ again this spring. It brought back such happy memories for us!”

— Susan and Neal Klausner

“We were both seniors and had just gotten back from study abroad. I first met Greg in early October at a friend’s birthday party. But, our true ‘Jumbo love connection’ happened during homecoming. After a great win on the rugby pitch, I met up with Greg and my teammates at tailgating. It was a very rainy day and the parking lot had become a huge mud pit. I talked to my teammate (also one of Greg’s housemates) about my new crush on Greg. At her suggestion, I rugby tackled Greg into the mud and casually said ‘hi.’ Luckily, we weren’t the only ones enjoying a little mud slip and slide that day.

This past October (5 years since the tackling incident), we came back to Tufts for our 5 year anniversary. And, on the night before homecoming, Greg proposed to me on the Tufts Library Roof. We’re so happy for Jumbo to have brought us together!”

— Shana Horak & Greg Hawley

“Brandon and I worked in David Kaplan’s lab as undergrads. All I wanted to do is get my lab work done and get out, but Brandon always wanted to chat. I finally gave in and went to see him perform with the Bubs and we’ve been together since. We’ve been together for 8 years and will be married this May!”

— Alyssa Ngangan & Brandon Kitchel

“Freshman year, move in day, ice cream social in the Hill Hall lounge, my roommate and introduced ourselves to two guys. They were Dave and Steve, I thought Dave was cute. Steve lived across the hall from Dave and was in most of my classes. Everytime I went to visit Dave, I would end up talking to Steve…and still am 28 years later.”

— Liz Milman Christo

“We met while we were working at the Tufts Conference Bureau during the summer of 2008; we lived next door to each other in Wilson House, which was the staff housing for that summer. He was initially annoyed with me for “appropriating” the room that he wanted his friend to take, and I was annoyed at him for hogging the shower in the morning. But we found mutual love for the show LOST and quickly warmed up to each other. We’re still dating, and this past summer, we even made a voluntary decision to live together again!”

— Ben Axelman & Julia Cheong

“We dreamed up and started Tufts’ Christian a cappella group (Anchord) together in 2008, when I was a sophomore and Ben was a freshman. We started off more as business partners, then friends, then close friends, and then… well… we got even closer! We got engaged at the end of my senior year in 2010 and got married after he graduated early in December 2010. He likes to say that ‘Hey… you have a nice voice… Do you want to start a Christian a cappella group with me?’ is the best pickup line ever.”

— Katherine (Kat) Runes Hampson

“We first met as freshman in Houston Hall, both taking Geology 101. No spark at that time. As sophmores, she roomed in Wren with a friend of mine and coming to parties at my apartment (Hillside). We started dating just before junior year (after she said no when I asked her out at the end of sophmore year). She painted the cannon for me on my 21st birthday. Two and a half years after graduation (94) we got married in December 1996 at Goddard Chapel. In 2006 we participated in a renewal of vows ceremony at Goddard Chapel during Homecoming Weekend. After 14 years of marriage, I still love her very much. Happy Valentine’s Day Kristen!”

— Marc Garrigus/Kristen Garrigus

We met while volunteering for Tufts for Eugene McCarthy and against the War in Vietnam. The McCarthy campaign failed but the romance blossomed to a marriage. Since then, we have given tens of thousands of dollars to Tufts, but it has been as tuition for three of our children. Our Jumbo love is we love Tufts.

— sheldon and lee van auken fishman

Junior year in coed dorm, Hill Hall, Fall of 1973.

— John Eckart and Karen Giannelli

You can find more stories of couples that met at Tufts in these stories collected by the Tufts Fund. Or share your own in the comments!