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Linda Yung Post

‎Courtesy of Spoonhau5

Interested in taking a free, local culinary tour? How about an international one? Check out Linda Yung’s, A11, N13, blog, Spoonhau5, and discover her favorite (and not so favorite) eats around campus, the greater Boston area, New York City, and abroad.

Enjoy bringing the heat as much as you love eating things with it? Linda also posts delicious recipes, some of which she develops herself, and others that she has learned from family members or adapted from cookbooks and blogs to fit a healthier profile based on her studies at the Friedman School of Nutrition. Among her offerings: simple prosciutto and melon appetizers, red wine braised short ribs, and dirty blonde brownies.

As a busy student (she triple majored in International Relations, Biomedical Studies and Chinese), how did Linda get started on her blog? Linda gave me the scoop on Spoonhau5.

The blog developed in phases, she said, starting first as a platform where she could review restaurants she had visited and document her experience. Once she entered Friedman, Linda decided to add another dimension to Spoonhau5, and started incorporating nutritionally-informed blog posts. However, “[she] realized early on that [she] was much better at writing restaurant reviews, so now it’s mostly restaurant reviews.” Linda is contemplating adding food news and policy commentary into the mix though, so keep checking back.

And even though her fun and witty blog may be another a fun hobby, keeping a consistent blog isn’t easy – each post Linda publishes takes a few hours to create. But because she finds good food inspiring, it’s something she really enjoys doing. In fact, if you ever get the chance to dine with this food connoisseur, you’ll likely find her snapping pictures of all the dishes for future posts.

Linda also gave us the scoop on her favorite eats on and around campus. The results:

  • Tufts Dining Services‘ best dish is their butternut squash bisque, which she always gets when available.
  • When finding herself with a coveted free morning on the hill, she’ll run over to Magnificent Muffins and Bagels, where “they have the best breakfast sandwiches in the greater Boston area. A tomato, egg, and cheese on a scooped-out toasted spinach bagel with a medium iced coffee (and a chocolate chip muffin if you’re feeling wild) is all you need to get your day going.”

Is your stomach growling yet?


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Jackson Jills 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1963, the Jackson Jills is Tufts’ oldest all-female a capella group.

In April, many former Jills returned to the Hill to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a reunion show. Jills through the generations proved their a cappella spirit still runs strong. Watch the video below to see the founding members of the Jackson Jills sing Sentimental Journey, originally sung by Doris Day.

You can also enjoy photos of the Jackson Jills reunion gathered by Tufts Alumni.

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TEDx Talk

Tufts alumnus Dr. Michael G. Luchs, E90, is an assistant professor at the College of William and Mary’s Mason School of Business. He recently gave a TEDx talk that focused on innovating higher education.

Like the TED events that inspired them, TEDx was created to promote “ideas worth spreading.” While TED events are global conferences, TEDx are smaller, local, independent TED-like events. TEDx features speakers, performers, and demonstrators who share their insights on a variety of topics to foster learning, create conversation, and inspire others.

Dr. Michael Luchs earned a BSE in mechanical engineering from Tufts in 1990. He then went on to earn an MS in marketing from the University of Texas at Austin, an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, and then his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008.

Check out the video of his TEDx talk below, where he explains how he designed a new course for his business school students that focuses on sustainability.

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Experiences from MSEM

Dan Catrope, E11, and Laura Bear, E13, are recent graduates from the Masters of Science in Engineering Management program through the Gordon Institute. The Gordon Institute’s MSEM program is designed as a part-time program for working engineers and technical professionals. It is aimed at instructing and creating leaders in technology-driven fields.

Dan and Laura recently talked about their experiences as students in the program and shared their thoughts on video. Laura even commented, “I think Tufts is the best decision that I’ve made, I’ve never learned so much in my life.”

Watch the video to learn more about Laura and Dan the Gordon Institute’s MSEM program:

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iCadenza is the start-up founded by Julia Torgovitskaya, A09, and Jennifer Rosenfeld. They won the second place prize in the Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition in 2009. After taking  second place in the competition, they had the opportunity to really redefine and strengthen their business plan. Torgovitsakaya says that because the business plan happened when it did, she and her co-founder really had the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Now iCadenza is a company that works with performing artists on career development. They work with the individuals on self-promotion and understanding the value of who they are, essentially giving the individuals more of an entrepreneurial mindset. They offer individual consulting, group programs and a three-month long online program called the “Career Development Bootcamp.” They also conduct workshops at universities and conservatories, and this year they had their first official course at Stanford University. They also work with performing arts organizations on various aspects related to organizational development.

Their newest initiative, iCadenza Sensations, focuses on working with brands and retailers on connecting with potential customers on a deeper level through music and performance. The idea is to actually hold performance events directly in stores and showrooms.

Through their work on iCadenza, they have actually launched a second business called Cadenza Artists. It is an artist management company representing performing artists in various music and dance genres.

Watch the video below with co-founder Julia Torgovitskaya to learn more about iCadenza, iCandeza Sensations and Candeza Artsits:

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2013 Tufts Alumni Senior Award Winners Reflections

The 2013 Tufts Alumni Senior Award winners recently reflected on their experiences at Tufts in a video released by the Tufts Alumni Association. The winners were chosen because they are individuals that each serve as an “example for their peers and all alumni by demonstrating service, loyalty, commitment, and leadership to Tufts and/or their community.”

In the video below, this year’s 12 winners reflect on their best memories of Tufts, from wearing Jumbo hats and joining Greek Life to the craziest places they found themselves at 2 am.

Congratulations to these amazing seniors and good luck with life beyond Tufts!

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A Single Noon – Gregg Kallor

Tufts Alum Gregg Kallor, A00, has recently released a CD entitled A Single Noon. Kallor started playing the piano as a toddler and before high school graduation he had already performed at the White House and toured Europe twice. As a double major in American studies and music while at Tufts, Kallor had the opportunity to further sharpen his skills.

Since graduating from Tufts, Kallor moved to New York to pursue music. In 2007, he had the opportunity to play his New York concert debut in Carnegie’s Hall Weill Recital Hall. Kallor’s most recent Carnegie Hall concert, in 2011, featured the first premiere of A Single Noon. He won the Aaron Copland Award for Composition which gave him the opportunity to live in Rock Hill, Aaron Copland’s restored, longtime New York home and take time to focus on his creative work, free from distractions and other professional responsibilities.

Unlike his first album, There’s a Rhythm, which featured his jazz trio with bassist Chris Van Voorst Van Beest and drummer Kendrick Scott, his newest album is a nine-movement suite for solo piano. It is told through a combination of composed music and jazz improvisation. A Single Noon was inspired by Kallor’s life in New York – the music represents moments of caffeinated bliss, embarrassing subway mishaps, the buzzing energy of a city driven by dynamic, thoughtful, talented and slightly crazy individuals.

Watch the music video below for the first single ‘Espresso Nirvana.’

For more information and updates on Kallor, like his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

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Too Many Notes With Deke Sharon

Onstage & Backstage, a blog from the Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group, published a Q&A with Tufts alumnus and former Beelzebub Deke Sharon, A91, about his love for and career in a cappella music.

Sharon talked about what drew him to a cappella:

[The beelzebubs] came and sang at my high school and it just changed my life. I was like ‘what is this? This is the greatest thing in the world!’ Up on stage there was all this energy, all these sounds, layers of voices.

He also spoke about the most rewarding aspect of writing a cappella music:

It gets really exciting and interesting because while a voice can only make one sound at a time, it’s actually able to create a wider range of sounds than any instrument and it’s also able to span musical styles in a way that instruments really can’t.

Recently, Sharon co-authored the book A Cappella Arranging, which is essentially a textbook for a cappella writing for every vocal arranger whether amateur or professional.

Check out the video below of Sharon as he gives his opinions on a cappella dos and don’ts:

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A Resurrection

Check out Tufts alumnus Nick Jandl, A07, in the recently released movie A Resurrection! Prior to this film, Jandl had played a variety of roles in well-known television shows and movies, including The Green Lantern,  Hot in Cleveland and Law&Order:LA.  

A Resurrection opened in select theaters on March 22. It is a horror/suspense film that tells the story of a young boy who believes his recently deceased older brother has come back to life.

Watch the trailer below to see fellow Jumbo Nick Jandl in action:

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Magic Man Climbs the Charts

Tufts graduate and musician, Alex Caplow, A12, is reaping the fruits of his labor with the release of  Magic Man‘s new single, “Paris.”

This single is quickly captivating music lovers everywhere and has even proven its worth on Hype Machine, a music discovery site that compiles the songs music bloggers write about into feeds and playlists. One of their playlists, “Popular Now ranks the top tracks on the site based on how many likes each song received. According to the blog, Magic Man reached the coveted #2 spot on the “Popular Now” list with more than 1,640 listens and 1,260 likes in less then a week.

Magic Man began as Caplow and his friend’s side project while at Tufts and has since grown into a 5-piece group. Like what you hear? You can download the single here and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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