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Tufts on Jeopardy!

Tufts senior Jed Silver was on Jeopardy! last night! Although he did not move forward in the round, he still has a chance to come back in the tournament later as a wildcard player.

The Jeopardy! College Tournament was started as an annual tournament on Jeopardy! in 1989. Interested students take an online test and based on their results are invited to a second round of testing. From there, 15 undergraduate students from colleges and universities all over the country are chosen to participate. The competition works like every other tournament on Jeopardy! – the participants are broken into groups of three for the first round and then advance and play other winners until the final round. The first place winner receives a minimum of $100,000.

This year Jed Silver, A13, competed in the tournament, which began airing last night. Silver is not the first Tufts student to participate in this competition – in 2008 Katherine Winter, A08, competed in the tournament and in 2009 Andrew Ceppos, A09, participated.

Jed Silver was interviewed by Jeopardy! here about being a contestant – check it out!


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