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Jumbos at Noontime

The Noontime Sports blog recently checked in with the Jumbo men’s and women’s basketball teams, interviewing head coaches Bob Sheldon and Carla Berube.

They also posted a video interview with Jumbos seniors Tiffany Kornegay and Kate Barnosky talking about their 13th win of the season against Wheaton College on Jan. 16.

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Tufts Alum Shoots (and Scores) Basketball Documentary

Filmmaker Nathan Brigham, A05 has combined his prowess for creating films and his love for sports into a meaningful project. “Summer at the Dome” is a documentary that follows Baltimore City high school basketball teams that plays in the Craig Cromwell League at “The Dome.” This league not only has fierce competition, but it keeps kids in a safe, friendly environment rather than on the often dangerous streets of the city. The purpose of Brigham’s documentary is to generate greater awareness of this league, thus securing necessary funding. Brigham explains on the official website of the documentary:

The film will be geared towards residents of the greater Baltimore area and passionate fans of high school basketball.  More than a highlight reel of street-ball, the film aims to tell the human stories of this extraordinary league and community. For many young people, basketball is a positive alternative to time on the streets and a possible doorway to college. The Craig Cromwell League supports those efforts by providing a bridge to school year teams through the summer months. With Coach Wells and league’s funding not guaranteed each year, I hope to present a film showing the positive impact the league has on the young people of Baltimore.

And here’s some footage from the upcoming documentary:

Summer at The Dome (Teaser) from Nate Brigham on Vimeo.

Brigham’s personal portfolio website, On Three On Three, features other multimedia projects as well. You can also follow the filmmaker on Twitter.

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