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Tufts students Marie-Gabrielle Isidore (A’11) and Chad Gordon (A’11) started the organization BrandHaiti — a “student driven non-profit marketing organization that seeks to debunk Haiti’s negative branding” — as a reaction to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti last fall.

A recent entry on the BrandHaiti blog penned by Mari-Gabrielle reads:

When we first started developing BrandHaiti last summer, my mentor, Philipp said something so simple yet so profound: “The newspapers and reports are always negative with regards to Haiti; we need to champion the heroes of Haiti…the average people who day and day out try to live dignified lives under extreme circumstances. BrandHaiti must provide an alternative narrative that will help Haiti grow and attract new investors to change the lives of ordinary Haitians.” This became the core mission of BrandHaiti and continues to ring true for our development.

The organization is hosting its “Rebranding Haiti” symposium this Saturday, Feb. 12.

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