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Maddog Classic

Rob Jacobson,  A16, is passionate about tennis: he’s played the sport competitively since age 12, and is a member of the men’s varsity team at Tufts. This summer, he used his love of tennis to give back to the community. As a co-organizer of the MadDog Classic, a large-scale tennis tournament for Chicago’s best young players, Rob was responsible for making sure that the event ran smoothly, and for soliciting and collecting donations of new or lightly used tennis equipment. In addition to organizing the tournament, Rob also got a chance to compete against other college-level tennis players.

Under Rob’s leadership – along with his twin brother, Nate – the MadDog Classic was a huge success this year. They received a record amount of donations, which were then passed along to the Chicago Park District. With Rob’s help, upstart tennis programs throughout Chicago are well-equipped to support children who want to learn the sport, but may not have the means to do so otherwise.

Rob explained: “The Maddog Classic has given me an outlet to share my love of tennis with less fortunate kids, as well as allowing me to give back to my community.”

Check out this video from the Maddog Classic:

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