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Cookie Monsters

This past spring, the Tufts campus was hit with a new phenomenon: a cookie craze. Unlike some brief crazes that have swept our campus this past spring (YOLO, anyone?), the cookie madness is here to stay. Surprisingly enough, the operation is a one-man show run by John, a RIT grad who bikes around campus delivering cookies, and is affectionately known to all Jumbos as the “Cookie Man.” The entire campus has adopted the Cookie Man and his Sweet Idea– he is now a part of campus culture. HerCampus Tufts praised his charm and good looks along with his cookies, Tufts Entrepreneurs Society invited him to speak at one of their meetings, and he even worked with engineering student and fan Simon Metcalf, E13, to ‘trick out’ his bike.

Needless to say, Tufts has fallen in love with the Cookie Man. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of the man himself breaking some Jackson Jills hearts at their last spring show.


Not convinced? Then check out this video of  Michael Rogove, A13, proposing to the Cookie Man.

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