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Too Many Notes With Deke Sharon

Onstage & Backstage, a blog from the Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group, published a Q&A with Tufts alumnus and former Beelzebub Deke Sharon, A91, about his love for and career in a cappella music.

Sharon talked about what drew him to a cappella:

[The beelzebubs] came and sang at my high school and it just changed my life. I was like ‘what is this? This is the greatest thing in the world!’ Up on stage there was all this energy, all these sounds, layers of voices.

He also spoke about the most rewarding aspect of writing a cappella music:

It gets really exciting and interesting because while a voice can only make one sound at a time, it’s actually able to create a wider range of sounds than any instrument and it’s also able to span musical styles in a way that instruments really can’t.

Recently, Sharon co-authored the book A Cappella Arranging, which is essentially a textbook for a cappella writing for every vocal arranger whether amateur or professional.

Check out the video below of Sharon as he gives his opinions on a cappella dos and don’ts:

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Former Bubs work on “Pitch Perfect”

Pitch Perfect, an edgy new film about college a cappella, hits the big screen next week. When you hear the film’s fun mashups and rockin’ tunes, know that two former Jumbos are behind the movie’s unique soundtrack–Ed Boyer and Deke Sharon, former members of the Tufts Beelzebubs, collaborated on Pitch Perfect’s pop rhythms and bubble gum remixes. Boyer, who did the musical arrangements for Glee’s Warblers, and Sharon, who is often considered a leader in the a cappella community, worked to make Pitch Perfect’s unique mash-ups into a cappella masterpieces. And with a star-studded cast–including Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow–Pitch Perfect is all about showcasing vocal talent: It’s a grown-up Glee, of sorts. Make sure to check it out on October 5th!

Here’s the cast performing an a cappella mash-up of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way you Are” and Nelly’s “Just a Dream”:

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