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“B-Boy” by Lisa Cohen, A87

On November 13th, Lisa Cohen, A87, won the Boston Jewish Film Festival’s Short Film Competition for her informative, poignant, and downright fun “B-Boy,” a documentary about a break dancing adolescent from Connecticut. Cohen, who studied Fine Arts at Tufts and currently resides in Seattle, was reconnecting with old friends at a Tufts reunion when she gained the inspiration to undertake “B-Boy,” an ambitious project that has kept her researching, filming, and editing for four years. “B-Boy” tells the story of Eli, a teen from the suburbs who furiously prepares for his bar mitzvah – and consequently experiences the anxieties of reaching Jewish adulthood – while also pursuing his passion for artistic expression on the side, dazzling his friends and family on the dance floor.

The film has received wide acclaim throughout the US: it received the Audience Choice Award at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, and was also an official selection at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Cohen plans to continue showing the film this winter, with upcoming screenings at The Jewish Museum in New York, as well as at several venues on the West Coast. She is thrilled about the film’s success, and excited about the film’s groundbreaking subject matter.

In a director’s statement, Cohen explained: “What I found, after four trips to the East Coast to shoot interviews, the bar mitzvah and two breakdancing battles, was that Eli was able to cross boundaries and bring seemingly disparate worlds together with a grace and maturity that was far beyond his years.”

Check out the trailer for “B-Boy” here:

B-BOY Trailer from Lisa Cohen on Vimeo.



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Tufts Alum Shoots (and Scores) Basketball Documentary

Filmmaker Nathan Brigham, A05 has combined his prowess for creating films and his love for sports into a meaningful project. “Summer at the Dome” is a documentary that follows Baltimore City high school basketball teams that plays in the Craig Cromwell League at “The Dome.” This league not only has fierce competition, but it keeps kids in a safe, friendly environment rather than on the often dangerous streets of the city. The purpose of Brigham’s documentary is to generate greater awareness of this league, thus securing necessary funding. Brigham explains on the official website of the documentary:

The film will be geared towards residents of the greater Baltimore area and passionate fans of high school basketball.  More than a highlight reel of street-ball, the film aims to tell the human stories of this extraordinary league and community. For many young people, basketball is a positive alternative to time on the streets and a possible doorway to college. The Craig Cromwell League supports those efforts by providing a bridge to school year teams through the summer months. With Coach Wells and league’s funding not guaranteed each year, I hope to present a film showing the positive impact the league has on the young people of Baltimore.

And here’s some footage from the upcoming documentary:

Summer at The Dome (Teaser) from Nate Brigham on Vimeo.

Brigham’s personal portfolio website, On Three On Three, features other multimedia projects as well. You can also follow the filmmaker on Twitter.

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From Farm to Table

On Dec. 14, four Tufts undergraduates will premiere their short documentary on local food, “From Farm to Table.”

A light-hearted look at one of the most important issues affecting Americans today, “From Farm to Table” will open your eyes to the food that’s growing all around you.

[UPDATE: 12/17] Watch the film:

Watch the trailer:

Among the initiatives featured in the film is Tufts’ New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

You can get updates on the film and details on the premiere by following the filmmakers on Twitter.

The song is “Farm Soundtrack,” an original composition by Ben Anshutz.

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Accio* “Harry Potter” Culture Documentary!

Film maker Arlin Ladue (E ’11), most notable for his recent documentary about the 2010 Men’s Lacrosse NCAA Championship, is working with fellow cinephiles Ian MacLellan (A’12), Luke Boelitz (A’12), and Allison Fisk (A’12) to create a documentary about the rise of “Harry Potter” culture that goes beyond the books themselves and into music, games, and a constant cos-play that many people in the country and at Tufts are enjoying.

Entitled “It’s Real For Us,” the film will be comprised of interviews with those involved in the Tufts Harry Potter Society, the Tufts Quidditch Team, and musicians who have pioneered the genre of “Wizard Rock.” For the first preview for the film, creator, co-founder, and executive director of the nation-wide Harry Potter Alliance Andrew Slack shared his feelings on the series, the character, and why most of us are enthralled by it all.

More content, including photos of the recent home Quidditch match between Tufts and BU, can be seen at the film’s official website. You can also follow updates on Twitter and Facebook.

* In the world of Harry Potter, “accio” is a summoning spell.

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