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For Your Entrepreneurial Needs

If you’re ever in need of a fun entrepreneurial perspective with a Jumbo spin or an alumni role model, look no further: Tufts Entrepreneurs Society has just launched their first blog! The blog delivers a mix of information from articles to media from their meetings and activities. In their latest post, they honor the Tufts band Timeflies, while comparing the band to a start-up:

Music has always been an entrepreneurial experience. Musicians start with nothing, no sound, no template and create elaborate tones and melodies. Many bands and groups have come from Tufts but one of the latest we’d like to feature, on Startup Beats, is Timeflies. At Tufts Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick started a group called Timeflies. Before and while at Tufts both Cal and Rob (Rez) worked with many bands and technology making music. Rob was Music and Philosophy major and Cal a Music major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In addition to talent, bootstrapping and a unique branding tool lead to viral adoption of Timeflies.

You can also find Tufts Entrepreneurs Society on Twitter and Facebook.

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Whoizit Mobile App

Brett Andler, E13, is putting a new spin on a classic childhood game. Whoizit, the proposed name of his project submitted to Startup Weekend Boston, uses your Facebook friends to create a mobile app version of the board game Guess Who? The original game involved guessing a fictional character by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions and narrowing down the options. Instead of a fictional character, Whoizit will take a randomly selected mutual Facebook friend from two competing players and have them guess who it is using the same method as the game. The online app would be a way to connect with friends, find out new things about people, and share inside jokes or memories. Whoizit won the Audience Choice award at Startup Weekend Boston and is now working on raising funds through Kickstarter to make their proposal a reality. You can watch their YouTube video explaining the app in their own words below:

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Who doesn’t love drinking out of a mason jar? Thanks to a Tufts graduate student, it’s been made easier. Engineering grad student Joshua Resnikoff co-designed the “Cuppow,” an affordable drinking lid for mason jars. Read the Cuppow blog to get the latest news on the product, and watch this short overview video.

CUPPOW! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.


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Two Tufts Teams are Up to the MassChallenge

The 125 teams in the MassChallenge startup competition have been winnowed to 26, and two teams with Tufts ties are among the finalists vying for $1 million in funding.

  • Sanergy – winners of the social entrepreneurship competition at this year’s $100K Business Plan Competition. Team includes: Gaurav Tiwari, F12, along with Lindsay Stradley, David Auerbach and Ani Vallabhaneni. Sanergy aims to manufacture low-cost, high-quality, water-free toilets to reduce sanitation-related diseases in Kenya’s slums. The waste will be collected and converted into biogas and organic fertilizer. Sanergy has already launched the pilot phase of their enterprise.
  • Pintley – Founded by Tim Noetzel, A08. Gives personalized beer recommendations.

MassChallenge is part of the White House’s Startup America Partnership, a government initiative to promote innovation entrepreneurship. Judges will name between 10 and 20 winners at a ceremony on Oct. 24.

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