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Field Ex Crisis 2011

This semester, the Tufts Experimental College’s course on crisis mapping allowed Jumbos to learn how to utilize web technology to contribute to relief efforts in crisis situations. On Saturday, April 9, students arrived in Fletcher to participate in the Field Ex Crisis simulation, a crisis mapping drill. In the drill, a fictional state coined “Comootros” was in dire need of outside assistance.

The class maintains a blog about their experience learning about crisis mapping. A recent post about the drill reads:

The process of mapping and verifying reports is an intense one, as reports come in faster than teams can approve them. The lightning speed of this crisis bonded our team together through an urgent shared goal. We devised a system to accurately and efficiently move information through our clearly devised workflow as we all kept in constant communication.”

To read more about the crisis mapping course at the Tufts Ex College, see this previous Jumble post.


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