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Tom Thumb’s Student Garden

It’s summer time and gardeners across the country are reveling in the chance to grow their own produce. In the spirit of fresh, local produce, a group of students at Tufts are working on a project called Tom Thumb’s Student Garden right on campus. The students and their faculty advisers have goal of providing planting and gardening opportunities for students living at and around the suburban Medford/Somerville campus.

The garden’s leaders are tracking their progress on the Tom Thumb’s Student Garden blog. Their past posts cover such topics as what is new with the garden, how they are using the vegetables and other similar projects that they have heard about.

Using Mariah’s groaning car, we moved about 20 cinder blocks from the Crafts House down to the road that runs by the garden. But we still had to move them one last stretch (FACT: carrying the first block is fine. The eighth one feels like you’re lugging thirty blocks.) Then all of us (plus some Ameri-Corps peeps that Carolyn enlisted) moved all the blocks up to the garden area. The diggers did an excellent job of tearing up the grass where we’re laying our foundation! With a little final work cleaning up the edges and moving extra dirt around, we declared our work done. It’s so exciting to see us get another step closer to the shed existing!

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Garden Party

Slow Food Tufts blogged about the Nov. 24 party to celebrate the close of the season for the Friedman School’s student garden. The students in attendance cleared away old plant material and harvested veggies and built cold boxes to protect the garden during the New England winter.

One of the students who participated, Jeff Hake N11, co-taught the Experimental College on Emerging Alternatives in Modern Agriculture, which also featured a student garden on the Medford/Somerville campus. He helped prep that garden for winter, as well.

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