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Healthy Jumbos

Though stereotypes of college students’ eating habits abound, Jumbos are generally known to live a healthy lifestyle, whether living in dorms or off-campus housing. These healthy tendencies are reflected in the many student-run organizations and their blogs.

Tufts Culinary Society is one of these groups. They recently wrote a very informative blog post on how to eat delicious, healthy meals on a college budget. Their suggestions included taking advantage of stores owned by Indian families, local produce and vegetables, and of course, the dining halls:

…sometimes one may feel inclined to use their meal plan to foster the creation of a home-cooked dinner, and Dewick and Carmichael are both rich with great ingredients. For example, the salad bar is full of vegetables that, in addition to adding interesting character to a salad when raw, can also be incorporated into an excellent stir-fry, stew, or pasta dish. Items that may merit particular attention are raw broccoli and cauliflower, sliced bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tofu. Get creative with your menu ideas—there are a lot of potential ingredients in the dining halls, from vegetables to peanut butter to chocolate chips on Sundae Sundays. Above all, be moderate and discreet when gathering your ingredients.

Another group urging students to make use of local product is Tufts Sustainability Collective. In addition to strengthening the environmental community on campus, TSC built a garden on campus and recently taught students how to plant herbs for the winter in recycled containers. If you didn’t get a chance to check learn their skills and are lacking in the fresh veggies department, have no fear, Balance Your Life, a student group committed to healthy lifestyles, has got you covered! In their blog, they detail the benefits of frozen veggies and even teach us the easiest way to cook them.

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