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TCU Presidential Campaigns

Congratulations to Joe Thibodeau, A14, the newest elected Tufts Community President.This year’s election was a heated race between Thibodeau, Christie Maciejewski, A14, and Joe Donenfeld, A14. All three candidates really embraced social media as part of their campaign strategies with the inclusion of ¬†various hashtags on Twitter such as: #christiefortufts, #letsdothis¬†and #thibsgetstufts.

During the past weeks, the Tufts campus was transformed in to a sea of yellow (Thibodeau), purple (Maciejewski) and red (Donenfeld) flyers, posters, shirts and chalk drawings. All three candidates were backed by large groups of passionate undergrads who wanted to help elect the candidate they believed would be best for the position for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Two of the candidates even released videos about themselves and why they should be elected the next TCU President. Check them out:

Joe Thibodeau:

Jon Donenfeld:

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