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iCadenza is the start-up founded by Julia Torgovitskaya, A09, and Jennifer Rosenfeld. They won the second place prize in the Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition in 2009. After taking  second place in the competition, they had the opportunity to really redefine and strengthen their business plan. Torgovitsakaya says that because the business plan happened when it did, she and her co-founder really had the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Now iCadenza is a company that works with performing artists on career development. They work with the individuals on self-promotion and understanding the value of who they are, essentially giving the individuals more of an entrepreneurial mindset. They offer individual consulting, group programs and a three-month long online program called the “Career Development Bootcamp.” They also conduct workshops at universities and conservatories, and this year they had their first official course at Stanford University. They also work with performing arts organizations on various aspects related to organizational development.

Their newest initiative, iCadenza Sensations, focuses on working with brands and retailers on connecting with potential customers on a deeper level through music and performance. The idea is to actually hold performance events directly in stores and showrooms.

Through their work on iCadenza, they have actually launched a second business called Cadenza Artists. It is an artist management company representing performing artists in various music and dance genres.

Watch the video below with co-founder Julia Torgovitskaya to learn more about iCadenza, iCandeza Sensations and Candeza Artsits:

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