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World Damba Festival 2012

The World Damba Festival, a 3-day conference highlighting the music, dance, and traditions of Northern Ghana, was held at Tufts this year from September 14-16. The festival was free and open to the public, and it featured a wide variety of events, many of them supported by the Tufts Department of Music, as well as several other departments and offices throughout the university. Highlights included a folk music concert, lectures on the history and sociology of Ghana, a performance by Tufts’ Dagomba Drumming Ensemble, and a fashion show featuring members of Tufts’ African Students Organization.

While the festival attracted participants from around the world, Tufts students and faculty were a significant presence at different events throughout the weekend. It was a festival filled with tons of energy, plentiful Ghanian food, lively drum circles, and stimulating discussions–a great way for Tufts to forge a connection with the Ghanian community at large.

Here’s a video from the event:



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Loop Loop Revolution

Joo Yong Kang, A13, John Bradley, A15, and Scott Jacobson, A15, may have created the next video game craze as part of their final project for their class Music 66. Their game, “Loop Loop Revolution,” consists of a control panel, four hip panels, and four foot panels. The player creates various beats by touching the panels with their hands and feet. A combination of “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Guitar Hero,” the device is more than just a game–it’s a student-invented piece of musical engineering:

Music 66, or Electronic Musical Instrument Design (known to some as EMID), is a course taught by Paul Lehrman that uses MIDI software synthesis to make new ways of creating music. For more, check out Prof. Lehrman’s course site as well as a previous student project for Music 66.

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Timeflies + Jumbo Alum = Hit

Continuing their reign of college airwaves and party hits, Timeflies recently delivered their second album to date, Under the Influence. The album is a six-track mixtape that samples artists like The Wanted and Adele in classic party songs like ‘Glad You Came’ and surprisingly touching ones like ‘Someone Like You.’ But the biggest treat for Jumbo listeners is their track ‘The Beginning,’ in which the boys sample the insanely talented Tara Vaughan’s, A10, ‘Better Versions.’ Recognize the voice? Then you probably heard Tara on the hill singing for Tufts SQ!

Support both Jumbo artists by downloading the mixtape here. For more on Timeflies, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ghanaian Ewe Agbadza on a drumset

Graduate ethnomusicology student Christiana Usenza, A13, took the result of her studies to YouTube when she created this video demonstrating how she has adapted Ewe Agbadza rhythms to the drumset. Ewe drumming is the style of drumming used by the Ewe people of West Africa, specifically Ghana and Togo. Agbadza refers to the traditional rhythm. In this video, Usenza breaks down two Ewe Agbadza pieces into a series of rhythms and carefully explains how she has translated each rhythm on to a part of the drumset. You can watch the unique musical result below.

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Battle of the Bands

 created this video about the “Battle of the Bands 2012,” where Tufts bands competed for the chance to land a spot in this year’s Spring Fling lineup.

Seven bands – Gulls, Young Excursion, Pons, Auspicious Event, The Business of Ferrets, The Rare Occasion, and Black Light –  battled it out and four judges decided their fate:

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Dean Uvin’s Top Ten

Last month, The Fletcher School’s Academic Dean Peter Uvin, shared his top ten albums of the year with the Fletcher student community. Featured artists include Radiohead, Bon Iver and AA Bondy.

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The Year of No Returning

Ezra Furman, A08, the lead man for Tufts band Ezra Furman and the Harpoons, will release his solo album, “The Year of No Returning,” Feb. 7 on his own Kinetic Family Records label.

You can download the leadoff track, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” over at Consequence of Sound. And check out Ezra’s blog, while you’re at it.

Ezra Furman and the Harpoons released their most recent album back in April. We also covered the band just before they graduated from Tufts in 2008.


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Oh! Darling

Brian McLaughlin, E14, Mitchell Mosk, A14, and Scott Staniewicz, E13, filmed the recording of their final project in Music Recording and Production, a cover of The Beatles’ “Oh! Darling.”

You can listen to higher quality audio tracks, too.

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A ‘Jerk’ at the Pedestrian Crossing

Tufts grad Stephie Coplan, A09, and her band, the Pedestrians, are making waves in the indie rock music scene. They made Music Connection magazine’s year-end Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists list and won the people’s choice award in the 2011 Hoboken Music Awards.

Their debut EP comes out Jan. 21, and you can watch the video for their song “Jerk” (recently featured as video of the day on right here:

You can also watch live footage from a performance at the legendary Hoboken, N.J. venue, Maxwell’s:

They’ll be making a Boston homecoming Feb. 18, playing at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Mass.

We’re not stranger to Coplan, of course. We featured her dorm room recordings on Jumble back in 2009, and we wrote about her Tisch College-funded community service project Broadway2Broadway, exposing kids to the performing arts.

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The New Timeflies?

Look out Timeflies, another Tufts duo is breaking into the music scene, and they’re not in an a cappella group. Andrew Berman, A14, and Nicolas Russo-Larsson, A12, are the dynamic duo behind Shapes of Light. The group recently stepped into the spotlight rocking Tufts events like Fall Ball and weekend parties at ATO and Crafts House. Featured in In the ‘Cac and Before the Bigs, Shapes of Light is taking over the Hill, one rave at a time.
Shapes of Light Live DJ Mix – Promise Me Some Bass by Shapes of Light

For more of their work check them out Soundcloud, Youtube, and Twitter.


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