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The Countdown Begins for the Class of 2016!

In less than a month, the class of 2016 will be storming the hill, sending all Jumbos currently on it in a frenzy in preparation for their arrival. From on-campus groups to student-run companies, everyone is gearing up for the arrival of the Class of 2016. Of all groups, none is more excited than the Tufts 2016 Orientation team. Aside from setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account, the Orientation team is increasing their efforts in getting the class of 2016 involved a month before their arrival via some very interesting YouTube videos.

The first displays class banners currently hanging in the campus center with the goal of inspiring the incoming class to design their own class banner.

Next, they posted three videos of the Orientation coordinators showing their “special” talents in hopes of inspiring 2016ers to enter this year’s Jumbo Idol competition.

First up, Babisa Adumbire, A13: The Dancer

Next, Audrey Abrell, A13: The Vocal Artist

And last, but certainly not least, Chris Blackett, A13: The Percussionist

What do you think of their skills?


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Tufts Orientation Helping Class of 2016 Get Ready

In less than two months the class of 2016 will arrive on campus and Tufts is well on its way in planning their official welcome. The Undergraduate Orientation Office understands that starting college can be a stressful time, so orientation coordinators have made an effort to reach out to 2016ers online. Their Twitter account offers these Jumbos information on everything from housing to advising, while also providing reminders for upcoming deadlines and helping connect the future classmates.

 The office’s Communications and Logistics Coordinator Audrey Abrell, A13, commented:

We hope to continue getting [the Class of 2016] excited about arriving to Tufts and keeping them informed about orientation. The students seem to appreciate that there are staff members online to answer their questions, and we hope that it encourages them to be proactive in preparing for Tufts.

The Facebook page is checked daily, Monday through Friday, so members of the Class of 2016 can ask questions online and get a quick response straight from the Orientation office. Bet these new Jumbos can’t wait for the fall!


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Tufts2015 on Twitter

It’s no secret that Tufts is ahead of the game when it comes to social media. It should be no surprise then to see that Tufts Orientation for the Class of 2015 is already developing a Twitter presence. They are posting articles, stories and info leading up to the week when we welcome all the new Jumbos. Follow their tweets and join the conversation @Tufts2015.

EDIT: They are also on Facebook! You can also get more information on the Orientation website.

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